If you have ever spent a week without any money in your pocket and the thought of spending that kind of money on something you know it’s better to have than to spend it, then you’ve had an alcogal.

When you get alcogals, you are like a zombie, except you can only move forwards in time, so you must spend your money in a certain way. You can spend it on food, drink, or sex. But most of all, you must spend it on something that feels like it has value.

There are a handful of videos and books out there that explain how to set up alcogals in some ways. So here’s the best one, by far. This one goes to a guy who is a kid who has been on the ‘Alcogal’ party-loiter’s team for years, and he says at one point that he’s on it. He is, of course, a kid.

“So what does your Alcogal do?” You might wonder if he has a point, but you’d be dead wrong. This alcogal is a time-looper. When you buy a drink, he moves all the money from his cash register to a small bag he carries around. He does this every time he makes a drink. If he finds a way to make his drink last longer, he gets to keep the money.

I’ve been a part of a few party-looper teams. One had a guy who was always on the money the entire time. When the host of the party wanted to move the party to a different time, the money would move back to the main cash register. So the host would have to switch the drinks. Not so with the Alcogal. You pay with the money the Alcogal carries around, and he moves all the money to the party.

The second party-looper was a cute little guy named Paul. He was a guy who went on an adventure with his buddies and was always trying to make it to the party. So he eventually got to the party and was never seen again.

Turns out Paul was also a person with amnesia who was on the Alcogal. He was a weird dude who was always trying to get to the party, but for some reason he never ended up there. So he had to have been put on the Alcogal for some reason.

The Alcogal, or ‘Alcogal’ as they call it on the official website, is ‘a self-healing virtual reality puzzle game, which is designed to be played by players across the age spectrum’. The game has been in development for over a decade and is aimed squarely at families. The game is essentially a virtual reality puzzle game where players have to solve a series of challenges in order to keep their virtual characters alive.

You spend hours of your day playing the game, and you can see your gameplay videos on the official website. It’s also worth noting that Alcogal is, of all things, a puzzle game.

The game is very easy to play. It takes about five minutes to play and you never have to remember a step. You just have to remember the right letter and you’re good to go.

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