On the surface, these two words seem pretty straightforward. They reflect the idea of “clear and present” and “investigative advantage.” But to some, it may seem like an oxymoron.

Clear and present is a phrase that gets thrown around by people and that I find absolutely ridiculous. You might think of it as a way to describe something like a clear conscience or being able to objectively assess the truth. However, to those in our field it makes perfect sense. In a way, the idea of clear and present can be a powerful way of framing how we use our minds and our language.

When we say clear and present, it usually means being able to clearly see what we are doing, why, what’s going on, and why. If we’re not clear about what we’re doing, we can be a bit sloppy about how we do it.

That is precisely what makes investigating a crime a great investigative skill. By having a clear picture of a crime we can pinpoint the exact time and place of a crime or the person or people involved. Even if you’re not sure exactly how someone got killed, the clear picture of the crime helps you pinpoint the probable culprit.

Clear pictures of crime are not as common as you might think. In the United States, we have a legal requirement to register a clear picture of a crime, and the law has been changing to keep pace with technology. In most states, any picture you take of a crime will be considered a clear picture, and in some states it is required that you actually take a picture to be considered a clear picture.

This is a big step, but it is still very rare for a clear picture of a crime to actually be taken in the US. You’re more likely to find a clear picture of a person who looks familiar, and they may also be the culprit. A clear picture of a crime is extremely hard to fake, and very few people can actually get a clear picture of a crime.

In America, we don’t require that you take a clear picture of a crime. Some states have laws that you have to take a picture if you want to see your mug shot on tv after a police officer shows up at your door. Other states are lenient and allow you to make a “faux” mug shot by taking a picture of you at the grocery store with your phone and cell phone camera on silent.

In the US, you can make a fake mug shot by snapping a picture of a person in a store with your phone camera on silent, but because you have to take a picture of a person to be able to see their mug shot, you can’t get a clear picture of a crime. That’s because many states have laws that require that you take a clear picture in order to get your mug shot on tv.

This is why some states don’t allow the clear picture option. For instance, in Michigan, it’s illegal for you to get a clear picture with your smartphone camera if it is on silent. That’s because the Michigan state law is based on the fact that a clear picture is the best way to get a clear mug shot.

This is one of the reasons why this is the most popular search query we get: People want to know how to get an image of their mug shot. It just might be that they are still on the boat, waiting for their mug shot to show up on tv.

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