Janet “J-man” Uthman, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase had her self-preservation instincts kicked in once again when she was fired as CEO of JPMorgan Chase on May 31, 2013 by the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon.

The accusations against Janet by the Securities and Exchange Commission are not only serious, they are also quite bizarre. For starters, she is in charge of the entire securities division of JPMorgan Chase, which is a $12 billion division of the bank, and is part of JPMorgan Chase’s $13 billion balance sheet. She is also married to the CEO of JPMorgan Chase.

The SEC is investigating whether JP Morgan Chase is defrauding investors (they say they are), and the allegations could be the basis for a civil lawsuit. JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest banks in the world, and Dimon was the biggest executive in the bank’s history. It’s not clear who’s to blame for the charges, but it certainly could have been a bit of a coincidence that she was fired at the same time as Dimon was.

Now the charges could also be related to the fact that she was also involved in the merger that put JP Morgan Chase in the middle of a scandal, but that’s still a bit of a stretch. The SEC has been looking into this for a long time and could find a lot of things to blame her for.

Of course if anything is off-base, Janet is completely exonerated. Its not like she had anything to do with the charges.

Janet will probably win her case against Dimon in the end, but it really doesn’t matter because she’s clearly not guilty. The SEC has no power over her and she will get away with everything she possibly can. She will just be a bit more cautious when she goes to work for JP Morgan.

The SEC has been looking into this for a long time. As the SEC reports, the main culprits are the banks. A lot of the banks are already in the game and the SEC is trying to get money to them. If this gets to them, they will surely get some cash for their bonuses.

Janet was very well-known for being extremely corrupt. She was a banker, a lobbyist, and a lobbyist. Yet she was never charged with any crime despite being the target of much of the financial scrutiny aimed at her. Her former lawyer, Richard Sarno, was also involved in the case. Sarno was caught up in the scandal by his company. They were paying millions of dollars to his company to keep it quiet during the investigation.

Richard Sarno says he was just a scapegoat, and this is just one of many alleged attempts by Sarno to get people off the hook for a variety of financial crimes. It’s not just the Sarno scandal, though. While he’s been accused of a lot of things, Janet and her husband are not on that list.

In the case of the case of the former director of the CIA, Robert Duvall, the man accused is the only one who can prove that his company got away with it. We’re sure that the director was the only one who was willing to turn out to be a scapegoat.

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