My son is a Trump supporter and I am very proud of him. However, today he was out of his house for voting for president of the United States. He was supposed to be out of his house for voting for president of the United States but I think it’s a bit late now. I’m not sure why he doesn’t like to vote. He’s an adult, he should be able to make his own decisions.

What do you think of when you hear, “This is not right.”? Is it because of their skin color? Or do you think to yourself I would rather be a minority than to stand for a country that is not my own? Either way, you’re not alone.

Well, I’m sure if someone tells you you must vote for the republican candidate that it hurts. It is the way of the world, and just because someone isn’t white does not mean that they shouldn’t have the right to choose who they want to represent them.

As for the mother saying she would rather be the minority, this is a common response people get when they are confronted with anti-white racism. It’s not that she wants to be a minority, it’s that she hates being a minority. People are racist. People think they are being racist.

Sure. We just all have to realize that someone else is the only person that truly feels and experiences racism. That being said, mother should be applauded for being just as ignorant as the son she kicked out of the voting booth.

I don’t think anyone is truly shocked by this story, but the fact that a white mother has the balls to publicly come out and publicly say she wants to be in a minority in the same moment that her only son is kicked out for voting for a racist president should really ring alarm bells. We are only getting the tip of the iceberg, as we move into the next couple weeks.

When he says it was a horrible mistake and he doesn’t think it was malicious, he is a white guy, he should try to understand the situation. He shouldn’t be acting like this was some sort of crime.

As it turns out, it was. When he told her he would vote for trump, he was actually going to vote for the democrats. He was just being a dick about it. What she did was the first step, the first sign of what was to come.

The first step is to take out your parents, and anyone else who you feel is a threat to you. That’s what white people are told to do in this country, to take out their families, to take out anyone black or brown. What people of color have done in this country is take out their families and put them in prison. We don’t do that to people who are white, and that’s why white people are afraid to stand up for what’s right.

The story is a bit on the heavy side with no real character, but its still a good lesson in what is and isn’t acceptable. In the end, the only thing that is true about this story is that it took out one of the most powerful people in the country. The other thing is that the only reason we knew about it was because our mother was taking out her father.

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