Unleash Your Entrepreneurs with the Risky Business Costume

Looking to stand out at your next costume party or event? Want a costume that exudes confidence and style? Look no further than the Risky Business costume. Inspired by the iconic dance scene from the 1983 film starring Tom Cruise, this costume allows you to channel your inner entrepreneur while making a fashion statement. In this article, we will guide you through the essentials of creating a Risky Business costume that will leave a lasting impression.

The Iconic Risky Business Look

The Risky Business costume is all about capturing the essence of Joel Goodson, the entrepreneurial protagonist of the movie. To achieve this look, you’ll need to pay attention to key elements such as the shirt, pants, socks, slides, and accessories. Let’s delve into each component to create the perfect Risky Business ensemble.

Choosing the Right Shirt

The shirt is the centerpiece of the Risky Business costume. It’s essential to select the right type of shirt that will mimic Joel Goodson’s style from the movie. There are a few options to consider:

Classic White Button-Down Shirt

The classic white button-down shirt is a timeless choice for the Risky Business costume. Look for a well-fitted shirt that flatters your body shape. Remember, the shirt should be crisp and clean to capture the polished yet casual vibe.

Oversized Men’s Dress Shirt

If you prefer a more relaxed and effortless look, an oversized men’s dress shirt is the way to go. Opt for a shirt that is a few sizes larger than your usual fit. The loose-fitting nature of the shirt adds a touch of nonchalant charm to your ensemble.

Women’s Button-Down Shirt

Ladies can also rock the Risky Business costume with a twist. Choose a women’s button-down shirt that fits well and complements your body shape. Experiment with different cuts and styles to find the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Pairing it with the Perfect Pants

To complete the Risky Business costume, you’ll need the right pants that complement your chosen shirt. The goal is to achieve a relaxed yet sophisticated look that mirrors Joel Goodson’s iconic style.

Going for the Boxers

One of the distinguishing features of the Risky Business costume is the choice to wear boxers instead of regular pants. This unconventional twist adds an element of playfulness and uniqueness to your outfit. Look for comfortable boxers that match the overall color scheme of your costume.

Embracing the Socks and Slide Combo

Joel Goodson’s Risky Business look is incomplete without the classic socks and slide combination. The combination of long socks and slides adds a touch of quirkiness to the outfit. Opt for knee-high or mid-calf socks in solid colors or patterns that complement your chosen shirt and boxers. As for the slides, go for a comfortable pair that allows you to move with ease.

Accessorizing Your Risky Business Costume

To elevate your Risky Business costume, consider adding a few accessories that enhance the overall look. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sunglasses: Choose a pair of sleek sunglasses that exude confidence and sophistication.
  • Watch: Wear a stylish watch to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.
  • Briefcase: Carry a classic briefcase to complete the entrepreneur aesthetic.
  • Styling Your Hair: To truly embody the Risky Business character, pay attention to your hairstyle. Keep it neat and polished, mirroring Joel Goodson’s well-groomed appearance. Experiment with slicked-back hair or a side part to achieve the desired look.

Makeup for the Risky Business Look

For those who want to add an extra touch of authenticity, consider minimal makeup to achieve a more natural and refined appearance. Focus on a subtle enhancement of your features, such as grooming your eyebrows, applying a light foundation, and adding a touch of lip balm.

Confidence is Key

Regardless of how well you put together your Risky Business costume, the key to truly embodying the character is confidence. Walk with purpose and maintain a relaxed yet self-assured posture. Remember, it’s not just about the outfit; it’s about the attitude you bring to the costume.

Capturing the Risky Business Vibe

To truly capture the Risky Business vibe, immerse yourself in the character’s persona. Watch the movie and study Joel Goodson’s mannerisms and expressions. By understanding the character’s motivations and quirks, you’ll be able to infuse your portrayal with authenticity.


The Risky Business costume offers a unique and stylish way to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit. With the right shirt, pants, boxers, socks, slides, and accessories, you can bring Joel Goodson’s iconic look to life. Remember to embrace confidence, pay attention to details, and have fun with your costume. Unleash your inner entrepreneur and make a lasting impression at your next event.


Q: Can I customize the Risky Business costume to suit my personal style?

Absolutely! The Risky Business costume provides a versatile foundation that you can customize to reflect your personal taste. Feel free to experiment with different shirt styles, pants, and accessories to make the look your own.

Q: Are there any alternatives to wearing boxers for the Risky Business costume?

If boxers aren’t your preferred choice, you can opt for boxer briefs or shorts that resemble boxers. The key is to maintain the relaxed and playful aesthetic of the costume.

Q: Can women wear the Risky Business costume?

Yes, women can absolutely rock the Risky Business costume. By selecting a women’s button-down shirt and styling it with the appropriate pants, boxers, socks, and slides, women can achieve the iconic Risky Business look with flair.

Q: Can I wear the Risky Business costume for occasions other than costume parties?

Certainly! The Risky Business costume can be a unique choice for themed parties, Halloween, or even as a playful outfit for a casual day out. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and have fun with your style.

Q: Where can I find the items needed for a Risky Business costume?

You can find the essential items for a Risky Business costume at various clothing stores, both online and offline. Look for classic white button-down shirts, oversized men’s dress shirts, boxers, socks, slides, and accessories that match your style and budget.

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